Our Mission

Here at racinginfouk, our mission is simple: to give punters the power to bet like an expert and consistently beat bookmakers by applying and combining a strategic value betting plan with genuine stable information in conjunction with our team of analysts and programmers who have developed our own tailor made algorithms around these strategies.
We provide you with the tools that allow you to understand the WHAT, WHEN, and WHY of betting. It is our belief that the tools that bookmakers use do not compare to our own in house data which has allowed us to consistently take profits from bookmakers over a significant length of time.


Our Service

In our opinion there is no other Service out there quite like racinginfouk. We would say that wouldn't we! Taking everything into account though why are we so successful and profitable at what we do? To answer that question in a concise way is simple, we have the tools to win on a regular basis. A quote by Benjamin Franklin is a quote that any serious punter should abide by 'By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail' in this day and age there is simply no point in betting if you do not have a feasible edge to your betting strategy. Ours is a tried and tested formula that profits long term.


Founders & The Team

Stuart McCallum a professional punter who has had most betting accounts closed or severely restricted due to consistently winning long term using the racinginfouk formula. Raymond Mayne graduated with a degree in Mathematics and is a successful on line trader. The in house team consist of 9 who develop and put the algorithms in place then combine it with our genuine stable information. Our net work of contacts in certain stables throughout the UK is vast.